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Chimney Relining

Access Chimneys have been carrying out chimney relinings for the past 25 years, using for the most part twin-wall flexible Class 1 stainless steel liner.

A chimney relining is necessary where the existing liner has deteriorated, or where the joints between the liners are burned out. The damage may be as a result of chimney fire.

A chimney relining can usually be carried out in one day. It involves installing the flexible liner from the top pot to the fluegather.

We at Access Chimneys can carry out the work with minimum disruption and opening of walls is avoided where possible.

We can assist with the handling and processing of insurance claims. We have an excellent relationship in dealing with insurance companies and loss assesors in relation to insurance claims for chimneys.

We can carry out a CCTV survey of the interior of the chimney to check the flues for cracks of damage.

Access Chimneys can reline chimneys for open fires, gas, stoves and oil boilers.

For further information please contact Access Chimneys at 01-4935600 or simply fill in our online form.

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